How To Get A Girlfriend??

First you must overcome your shyness with women and it's not as difficult as you think. It takes a good amount of persistence, patience and a desire to get better at this on a daily basis.
I sill consider myself a student and I always will. This mentality opens up my mind to learning more from everyone and becoming a better-rounded person.
Getting a girlfriend isn't as difficult as you think. However you should focus on having "it" together. Having "it" together means your lifestyle in general.
I recall a few years back I was far off having it together, my bachelor pad where I lived alone was a grotto, I didn't know how to cook so I ate out most of the time, my bins were filling up fast with takeaway boxes from "lucky dragons Chinese takeaway" and I also had no furniture apart from my bed : ) which also served me well seeming as it was the only place to sit down when I brought girls back.
Then I made the decision to change this "lifestyle" aspect and I noticed immediate results. I not only felt fantastic and refreshed, I also starting meeting more high quality women.
There was also an inner change too. I was more compelled to meet even more women and I started getting seeing some AMAZING results ...
This was all thanks to moving out of my place and working out.
The type of women you can keep in your life depends on YOUR lifestyle at this point in time; more specifically it's dependent on these factors:
-Family; your relationship with your family and siblings.
-Wealth; the occupation you have and how you feel towards it. Are you happy with it?
-Social Network; your social circle and your relationship with them, your status within this peer group.
-Fitness; are you physically fit? You can keep higher quality women if you take care of yourself.
-Style; how well you put yourself together and how you present yourself to the outside world, women like men with a stronger presence than them.
If you're looking for a girlfriend then take a look at the following two (2) points to summarize some of my experiences on how to find one fast.
Get A Girlfriend Tip #1: Women will be receptive to you if you approach
I found that women are receptive to advances if done in the right fashion and out of the tens of thousands of approaches I've done I've discovered that women are actually receptive to direct advances if done without being sleazy.
I'm like you and didn't want to EVER feel the painful feelings of having a woman reject me especially if my friends were there or anyone nearby.
I started approaching women like a madman ...
I still remember the day when - almost shaking with a fear of rejection - I walked over to a hot woman and said, "Hi, I'm Alex ... There's a rumor going around about you ...I came over here to see whether it was true"
She turned to me during a few seconds that seem to last FOREVER, with me hoping and hoping that she wouldn't laugh or screw up her face in disgust. To my surprise she said something like, "Oh, hi - I'm Jessica...I'm interested so what's this rumor about?"
I found that most women 90% will be open and friendly is you start a conversation in a direct and sincere way.
The best advice is to go and get them. Leave your ego at the door and walk through being open to ANYTHING.
If you get shot down (it happens) just move on. Some of the best guys I know who are good at this get shot down all the time. They just don't care.
Get A Girlfriend Tip #2: Get experience under your belt.
The more experience you have with women the less chance you have to 'settle' for the first girl that lands in your arms.
This also prevents you from being needy. Having choice prevents this altogether and will keep this insecurity at bay.
The more women you approach the more choice you have. It's that simple.
Also when you're out trying to meet the "one" you should ask yourself why you're learning this ...
I found through self-actualization that there are two (2) types of guys in this game of love.
1. Player guys; these guys are in it for the ego. They want to be labeled a ladies man. The challenge here is that if a girl doesn't answer their phone when he calls he wonders what's wrong with him. His ego gets bruised every time he gets blown out of an interaction. These guys don't want girlfriend or at least they don't think they want a girlfriend.
2. "Want a girl" guy; This guy is focused on getting as many women as possible or he just wants to meet a girl to become his girlfriend. He's not worried about his ego. If he calls a girl and she doesn't answer then he's like "what a bummer" or "that's a shame" and will call another girl up instead. This guy will be more successful.

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