How to Get Over a Bad Relationship - Easily Get Over Your Ex

Want to know how to get over a bad relationship? Are you exhausted and fresh out of ideas on how to forget the painful memories left behind by your ex? You hear this quite a lot but some things simply are not meant to be. You can look at it from a couple of different views:
  • Get stuck in blaming yourself, or
  • See it as an experience that will teach you more about yourself

To say that you love another is a great thing in life but not everyone views it as a gift because everyone is different.

For some people they will let their partners go if they really love them and it's only going to be a total waste of both of your time to hold onto someone who doesn't return what you're feeling.
There's no point in wondering why does someone tell you that they love you today but will have a change of heart tomorrow. Don't obsess on thinking what happened from one day to the next that could change the situation because you are never going to find any clear answers that will make any sense.
You have to be strong and learn to stand up again because your ex doesn't care about you... they will continue on living with their lives and they are not going to make a big deal out of your situation.
Another thing... don't keep on calling your ex! This very common scenario actually makes you feel less, inadequate, insecure, unworthy and very lonely without any hope. When you do this you are actually telling yourself that you have no life and that you are dead without your ex.
You are basically putting your life in the hands of someone else. Think about it for a moment... you are born free with loving parents, one of a kind life and experience and you let someone else control your life?
Are you willing to wait for months or even years before you get over a bad relationship? The longer you keep bad memories of your ex, the more chances you can have mental disorder!
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