3 Sex Positions to Make Your Woman Achieve Powerful Orgasms Every Time

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The secret to great sex is to vary your love making sessions so that it does not become a routine. If your last love making session was using doggy style then use cowgirl next, or Amazon. There a hundreds of sex positions one can try out, and then you have the option to try them in different places. Not all sex positions involve being in the bedroom, and this also spices up your love making.
Learning the different sex positions and the sensations they bring is also important. If you're looking for deep penetration, or intimacy, there are different sex positions that can help you achieve this. Let us look at some powerful sex positions you can start using right away.
Deep Impact
This is a very effective and easy to do position. Kneel by the side of the bed and have your partner lie down on her back. She then rests her legs on your shoulders as you penetrate her from a kneeling position. Make sure she is close to the edge of the bed, so you can fully penetrate her. This will allow you to thrust hard and have a deep penetration.
Pirate's Bounty
Try this very powerful sex position that will have your woman screaming for more. Have her lie down on her back, and place one of her legs on your shoulder. She will wrap her other leg around your thigh. You will be in a kneeling position as you penetrate her. This position will allow you to fully penetrate her. She can stimulate her clitoris for added pleasure.
Deep Missionary
The deep missionary is a slight variant of the normal missionary. Doing this change will give a very deep and sensual penetration for your woman. Start of as you would with the normal missionary, and then lift her legs up so they are almost vertical. Next, bend her legs slightly as you lean forward, pushing the legs back against her. This will provide a deep powerful penetration. Once you master the rhythm, she will come to a powerful orgasm.

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